01 – Mail is here!

01 – Mail is here! published on 17 Comments on 01 – Mail is here!

So here it is; the first page of iMew! A lot of planning goes into a comic, even though its not always noticeable. For me, details such as the layout of Sammy’s apartment are important so that I can establish some kind of continuity. In this case, I used google sketchup to create her apartment… Continue reading 01 – Mail is here!

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02 – A New Toy

02 – A New Toy published on 3 Comments on 02 – A New Toy

Sammy gets her new phone! Coloring a page takes a huge amount of time (over 6 hours sometimes), and I had no time to draw another full color comic besides CB. However, plain lineart is just too “flat” for my taste, and I feel it makes your eyes work harder to distinguish between all the… Continue reading 02 – A New Toy

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03 – What Big Ears You Have…

03 – What Big Ears You Have… published on 8 Comments on 03 – What Big Ears You Have…

Sammy gets an unexpected bonus with her new device! Even using grey scale, sometimes a little bit of extra texture can really help a page; in this case Ive used screen tones both on the desk as well as the background for added effect.

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06 – Just Gottta Sit Down For a Sec…

06 – Just Gottta Sit Down For a Sec… published on 20 Comments on 06 – Just Gottta Sit Down For a Sec…

Things are going along rather smoothly so far, been able to make several pages in the past week or so. All my other art has been on hold though, but focus is important when I’m so far behind… And speaking of behind, Sammy gets another addition thanks to the faulty phone. How the heck is… Continue reading 06 – Just Gottta Sit Down For a Sec…

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08 – And then I Beacame a Cat

08 – And then I Beacame a Cat published on 6 Comments on 08 – And then I Beacame a Cat

Sammy fesses up to her friend about her situation. How will Lydia react? I need to use overlapping drawings more often; they make much better use of the limited real estate and always look great, but take extra planning to get right ^^

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