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001 – Revolution

001 – Revolution published on No Comments on 001 – Revolution

Welcome to the reboot of TinaOnLine, now redubbed Paprika!

For those of you who weren’t familiar with it, TinaOnLine was a series of about sixty or so comic strips that introduced and followed Tina, Yuki and Ron as they went about their daily  shenanigans.

It basically served as a prequel to Caribbean Blue, but unfortunately suffered from neglect and was abandoned shortly after I joined the Katbox.

Now, after having finally finished CB, I decided it deserved another chance. But instead of just republishing all the old strips and continuing on from that point, I will be rebooting the entire series with updated art and polished off text. The new comic will follow a 4-koma format and use grey scale coloring.

The original story arcs will be followed whenever possible, but I do intend to introduce new elements, characters and places to the story.

During the first couple of pages I will be settling on a shading style, so there will be some variation in how the shading is done.

We will start with 1-2 updates a week (on Wednesdays), but my eventual goal is to be publishing 4 weekly strips. That however, depends on how smoothly I can get my workflow going.

Thanks for all the support guys, I hope you enjoy the old/new adventures of Tina and her friends!


To see the original version of this comic, CLICK HERE

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