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003 – Get Your Rear In Gear

003 – Get Your Rear In Gear published on No Comments on 003 – Get Your Rear In Gear

My trip to Japan was a loads of fun! The weather was great, and the hiking not near as intensive as my usual trips go (granted I was much better prepared this time around). I was also able to get a lot of aerial filming done, and that was one of the main things I had hoped to be able to do. Check out the video HERE

Megacon happened less than a week later, and it also went really well! I met up with Godai (Rascals), Skidd (Uberquest) and ID (KB admin) in Orlando, and we spent the weekend talking to fans and selling prints. Check out the table I shared with Godai HERE

Next up is METROCON, taking place June 11-14 in Sunny Tampa Bay, Florida. Skidd and I will both be there, also selling Merch from other KB artists! So drop on by to say hello if you can!

Finaly, to see the original version of this comic, CLICK HERE.

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