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013 – Geosmacker

013 – Geosmacker published on No Comments on 013 – Geosmacker

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June is here! And with that, summer! This is going to be a very active summer for me, with multiple cons, visiting friends and an overseas trip! I’ll do what I can to keep updates going, but there may be a few weeks where we have to shift back to single page updates.

Don’t forget, TORA TORA TOKYO  updates on Wednesday, and I’ll be at METROCON June 11-14 at Tampa Bay, Florida!

There’s no original version of this comic, but expanding the Tinazilla bit was a fun idea and it will segway into something new and exciting 🙂

See you Friday!


Oh! In case you were wondering about the title, its based on GEOCRAPER; a modular city system I came across while in Japan, you can literally buy city blocks and arrange them any way you want. The individual buildings are super detailed, and as they only cost about $5 each, so I loaded up, heheheh. I highly recommend looking it up on google images, as there are a ton of dioramas people set up with them 🙂

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