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074 – I Would Trade it All…

074 – I Would Trade it All… published on No Comments on 074 – I Would Trade it All…

A friend! A friend! My Kingdom for a friend!

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Unfortunately I got caught up in trip planning and didn’t have any comics sketched out in time for the Friday stream session with Sage, Tom and Fluff. And with Megacon coming up this weekend (28~30 of October) I might not be able to stream this Friday either. Thankfully I have a number of comics in reserve, so there shouldn’t be any interruptions to updates.

I did some drone filming over the weekend, getting some shots of the Clearwater Beach Chalk show and Soap Box Car races. And although it went well, I’m really starting to consider leaving behind drone filming altogether. I feel like there isn’t that much left to film around my area that I haven’t already done many ties over and the bulkiness of the drone itself is also starting to become a hassle that is outweighing the benefits. I’ve considered moving to one of the new generations of drones (DJI Mavic / Gopro Karma) that is  a lot more portable but I’m not keen on the expense.

In other news, I’ve been working on mailing out the Kickstarter artbooks in chunks of 10-20, so far progress has been pretty smooth. I expect to be done in a few more weeks, so everybody should have their books by Christmas. If you missed out on our Kickstarter, you still have a chance to pick up a copy over at HowBazaar.

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