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050 – The Horror!

050 – The Horror! published on No Comments on 050 – The Horror!

Hey everyone!

I am working on a new comic titled “Practice makes Perfect”. You can check out a preview page and vote for it on an international contest by pressing the VOTE button!

Towards the end of March I will be taking a two week vacation. In anticipation of this I am putting some content together so updates on Paprika don’t stop completely.

Do check out our Patreon. It’s my primary source of income when it comes to my artistic works, so anything you can spare helps out! You can also support me directly via Paypal, if a monthly contribution isn’t your thing. Either way, thanks for your support!

Upcoming Conventions:

Megacon (FL) – May 26-29
Metrocon (FL) – July 21-24
Tampa Bay Comic Con (FL) – August 5-7

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